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New cosplay set up on @cosplaydeviants ….!
Name that character….! 😜 (spoiler alert: it’s in the tags)
Photo by @corwinprescott
Makeup by @xanthiapink
Kickass leggings by @sophireaptress

Use my name VIVKA at sign up and get 50% off your first month… So it’s only $5 to see all my strip-down cosplay sets. 💜💋

#cosplay #cosplaydeviants #costume #death #sandman #endless #theendless #model #photoshoot #goth

Nice death Cosplay

10 Rules of Chopstick Etiquette


1. Do not stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. 2. Do not use one chopstick at a time, especially not to spear food. 3. Do not pass food from chopstick to chopstick 4. Do not use unmatched chopsticks 5. Do not use chopsticks as hair accessories 6. Do not rub your waribashi together 7. Do not take food from a communal plate with your own chopsticks 8. Don’t point at people or things with…

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Great to know

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